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Lieutenant Childress was the commander of the 24th SAS Regiment's H-Squadron.

Participating in Operation Shear, Childress and his squadron fell under the overall command of Lieutenant Stephen Cartwright with Childress leading half of H-Squadron and his second-in-command Saunders directing the other half.

During the operation, Childress and his half of the company consisting of some 54 men were tasked to clear out a Chimeran mortar position located in an old building. With orders to secure the building, it was determined that claiming this position would tip the operation into the British Army's favor. Joining his men was the Sergeant Nathan Hale.

Suffering heavy casualties from entrenched Sentry Guns and mortar fire, Childress along with the remainders of his half of H-Squadron decided to make the valiant decision to keep the mortars from targeting Sergeant Nathan Hale who had been trying to storm the position. But despite Hale's best efforts, he was unable to destroy the mortars before the entirety of H-Squadron had been wiped out, alongside Childress. Before the destruction of the mortars, Captain Rachel Parker had attempted to raise Childress, before discovering his death and urging Hale to quickly eliminate the mortar position.

Childress' Squadron's act of valor resulted in the cost of their lives as only Sgt. Hale emerged from the objective to link up with the rest of the British forces to continue with Operation Shear.