Central Command was the main British Army base for the duration of the Chimeran War, and was situated in London.

History[edit | edit source]

Central Command was constructed in 1941. When the Chimera besieged England in 1950, Central Command was sealed up to prevent Crawlers from entering the facility. However, this only encouraged the Chimera to try to break in through very high tactical means. Eventually many soldiers were killed, and some left the base trying to get to other command posts or trying to fight the Chimera outside the base.

By October 1950 only about 14,200 soldiers remained in Central Command and the Chimera penetrated the base from below using Burrowers loaded with Slipskulls. British personnel repelled the first assault. A week later on October 14, the Chimera burrowed in again, this time from the River Thames, thereby flooding the base, killing 14,000 soldiers.[1] Of the 200 soldiers who survived, many were then lured into the water by Sirens and were killed. Some, however, managed to escape into London and regroup with remnants of the British Army elsewhere.[2]

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