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Dr. Cassandra "Cassie" Aklin is a psychologist working for the U.S. Army and was in charge of the Project Abraham Candidate Selection Program. Prior to the events of Project Abraham, she was heralded from her home state of South Dakota.


Throughout the events of Project Abraham, Aklin became deeply regretful of the chosen patients that were injected and horribly died from the Chimeran Virus in spite of the varied inoculations that prevent them from succumbing to the virus. Among the candidates that she grew to care for were Glenn Albert Khaner (who she knew before Project Abraham and implied that they have a romantic relationship between them), Kenneth Danby, and Nathan Hale, the latter of which was most profound to her, in which the two were almost infatuated with each other.

By December 15th, 1950, Project Abraham was abandoned and Aklin and the other staff members were transferred to Bryce Canyon, Utah. However, due to her invaluable research Aklin was instead transferred to nearby Alliance, Nebraska pending a full debriefing and orientation period.[1] Afterward, Cassandra was concerned for the whereabouts of Nathan Hale.[2]

Resistance: The Gathering Storm

By late November 1951, Aklin was stationed in Denver, Colorado and still serves as a psychologist in overseeing the Sentinels at the Denver Federal Center. She was also reunited with Nathan Hale, and began a consummating relationship whenever Hale is relieved on his assignments.

Resistance: A Hole in the Sky

As of September 25th, 1953, Aklin took refuge at Freedom Base in the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas, where she became the current Chief of Staff under acting president Thomas Voss. Voss personally wanted a closer relationship.

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  • In the Project Abraham viral website Cassandra Aklin was played by actress Katee Sackhoff, who is best known for her performance in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica.
  • Curiously, in Resistance 2 her name is given as Cassandra Aklinka - whether this was a typo or an earlier name for her character is unknown.[3] Despite the games being the highest canonical source, this article goes by the surname Aklin as it is given in two sources, Project Abraham and Resistance: The Gathering Storm, in which she plays larger roles. Though she herself could have shortened both names.