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Carriers are a strain of Chimera which serve a non-combatant role in which they journey to the battlefield to collect infected humans who have succumbed to a Crawler attack. In appearance they are similar to a very large floating jellyfish and have numerous eyes.


The Carriers' sole basic purpose is to gather and ferry captured humans that are infected with the Chimeran virus to conversion centers where humans are converted and transformed into Chimera. Thus playing an important role by gathering the infected to amass Chimeran forces. Furthermore, the same infected people serve as the Carriers' food and, as such, not all the bodies survive to be converted. During the early Chimeran invasion of Britain, Carriers would form caravans that were hundreds of miles long.

Resistance: Fall of Man[]

Carriers first appears in capturing the comatose bodies of the U.S. Army Rangers (including Nathan Hale) at the bus depot in York and ferry them to the conversion center in Grimsby. They later appear in several backdrops in Nottingham, and Bristol. They are harmless to the player, but they are invulnerable to bullets, so shooting at them is a waste of time and ammunition.


Carriers collect infected humans from the battlefield after a Crawler attack. They ferry their catch to the nearest conversion center. As these infected bodies are also the Carrier's food source, not all of them survive to be converted. Early in the Chimeran invasion of Britain Carriers formed caravans hundreds of miles long. It is unknown if the Carriers have found a new role now that fewer victims are available for conversion.

Resistance Retribution[]

The Carriers played a central role as the Maquis recognized that eliminating the Carrier strain would significantly ground the Chimera's conversion process without any means of transporting infected humans. Claude and Raine Bouchard studied the Carriers and eventually developing a serum that is capable of eradicating the Carrier strain and becoming a integral part of Operation Overstrike. James Grayson carried out the task in injecting the serum into the Chrysalis Lair, a conversion center, which the serum is spread among the Carrier strain and carried to other conversion centers and causing widespread eradication of the strain. However, the Chimera ramified the loss of the Carriers with the introduction of the Spinner strain.

Resistance: Burning Skies[]

Carriers makes a minor appearance in Protection Camp, where they are taking the surviving humans to the Conversion Tower outside of Union City, New Jersey. Tom Riley and Ellie Martinez both deliberately allowed themselves to be abducted by Carriers to be brought to the Tower in order to destroy the facility and stopping Richard Gorrell's plan.


Resistance: Fall of Man[]

Resistance: Retribution[]

Resistance: Burning Skies[]


  • In the Metastasis documents, Carriers are still seen collecting bodies. The comic is most likely set after Retribution's timeline, so it is not clear why the Carriers (which are misidentified as "Grims") would still be alive.
  • The Carriers seem to resemble the Covenant Engineers from the Halo franchise. Both have the ability to float and are non-combative.