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Lieutenant Colonel Canning was a British officer that had been captured by the Chimera.

During the Chimeran invasion of the United Kingdom, Canning was stationed in Liverpool, where he was presumably in command of all British troops stationed in the city. Presumably, as British manpower was sapped, Canning was forced to join his men on patrols around the city.

On February 6th, 1951, Canning and his unit were captured by the Chimera during a patrol to the north of Liverpool at approximately 2:00 PM. Transported via Carrier to a Conversion Center in Grimsby, Canning was unable to distinguish the exact location of the conversion center, theorizing that he may have been in either Grimsby or Hartlepool. Noting the apparent lack of Chimeran combat units, Canning theorized that the Chimera lacked the necessary bodies needed to warrant full-ties operation.

Taking advantage of this fact, Canning, having been seperated from his squad, was able to break the rusty lock on his cell, and began making plans to escape. It is unknown what his eventual fate was.

He is only mentioned in the Intel Document "Captured".