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"Say what you want about the Chimera but they've got a heart, and teeth...Big fucking teeth!"
―Bunsen talking to himself in Nottingham[src]

Bunsen is a soldier that fought in Operation: Shear.

Prior to the Chimeran invasion of the United Kingdom, Bunsen had lived or was born in Sheffield and cared about the town.

During the events of Operation Shear, Bunsen was placed under the command of Lieutenant Childress in the 24th SAS Regiment's H-Squadron's K Troop. As the company split up, Bunsen was placed under the temporary command of Sergeant Brierley, where their unit was sent ahead of the rest of K-Troop to try and take a Chimeran bridge and reinforce Lt. Stephen Cartwright.

Shortly after the arrival of Sgt. Nathan Hale, the sole survivor of Childress's unit, British forces began launching a renewed assault as Chimeran forces attempted to destroy the last remaining bridge separating Cartwright from the rest of K-Troop. During this time, Bunsen, alongside a fellow soldier served as snipers to protect British forces as they crossed the bridge.

When K-Troop finally crossed the bridge, Bunsen, alongside his fellow sniper presumably either joined the rest of the unit, or had withdrawn from the battle.


  • Bunsen is one of the two characters in Fall of Man that you find out where they live. Bunsen lives or lived in Sheffield as his quote "This is for Sheffield" and the fact that his accent is from that area confirms it. The only other person in the game to say where they lived is Stephen Cartwright who when in Somerset said "I grew up near here."