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The Bullseye Mark II is a powerful Chimeran battle rifle held exclusively by Advanced Hybrids in both Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2.

The Bullseye Mark II is an improved version of the Bullseye (although they count as the same weapon as they use the same ammo). The Bullseye Mk II is acquired during the first playthrough in London - "Angel's Lair". After getting off the lift, a small passage will be navigated and at the end there is a small tunnel which contains the Mark II.

It has the same abilities and secondary fire; however, the Mark II's shots are far more powerful than the original's, and fires blue colored shots instead of red. The Mark II's shots leave large, open wounds that will not heal easily. Left untreated, victims can die of severe blood loss. It is for this reason the weapon earn its nickname "Blue Death".

The weapon can only be used in the Single Player Campaign.


  • The Bullseye MK II is acquired in the level Tower, in which it replaces the normal Bullseye. On the superhuman difficulty, it only takes three or four shots from the Bullseye to kill the player, so using cover and alt fire is recommended where possible.


The Bullseye Mark II is an upgraded version of the Chimeran service rifle. It has the same functionality as the standard model, but uses a supercharged power cell to develop significantly more firepower. Slugs fired from the Mark II's create massive permanent cavitation in victims. Those not killed outright receive wounds which do not readily close. Fatal blood loss is inevitable without immediate medical attention. It is for this reason that the Mark II is simply referred to as "blue death". The Bullseye Mark II has only been observed in use by Advanced Hybrids engaged in base defence.

The Bullseye Mark II appears only in the campaign of Resistance 2 and wielded only by Advanced Hybrids. In the previous game, both versions of the Bullseye had the same ammo, whereas in Resistance 2, the ammo is different, this means that both versions are no longer counted as one weapon, which lets the player carry both Bullseyes. When playing on Superhuman difficulty, Bullseye Mark II's are far more common to find than the standard Bullseye. This is one of the weapons equipped to standard Hybrids if the "Super Hybrid Weapon" cheat is activated.


  • The standard Bullseye and the Bullseye Mark II have a different color. The standard Bullseye has the normal red color and fires red energy rounds, the Mark II has a blue color and fires blue energy rounds.