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Private Budry was a Sentinel who participated in the Search and Recovery mission in Bear Butte. He was part of Sergeant Alvarez's second squad and acted as heavy gunner. At the end of the battle, when the Sentinels retreated to the Landing Zone, he provided covering fire which killed most of the Chimeran forces and saved many of his teammates before escaping the scene.

Following the collapse of the United States, Budry came under the command of Captain Marvin Kawecki and participated in the assault on the Chimeran hub tower in New York City. Prior to the operation, Budry and his teammates discussed on Nathan Hale's death and his killer Joseph Capelli. Unlike his teammates who bore ill-hatred for Capelli, Budry justified that Capelli had no other choice to executing Hale. Budry was subsequently killed during the assault.


  • Budry is African-American.