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Bryce Canyon is the sixth campaign level of Resistance 2.


Following the activation of Twin Falls' defense towers, Hale receive a distress radio message from Dr. Fyodor Malikov, who is station in Station Genesis in Bryce Canyon, Utah, and is under siege by the Chimeran fleet's flagship, which breached through the Liberty Defense Perimeter. After disregarding a recommended inhibitor treatment, Nathan Hale and along with a squad of Black Ops travel to Bryce Canyon via VTOL in heed of Malikov's help.

Hale is able to successfully retrieve Malikov from the base but not before encountering Daedalus again, who activates Bryce Canyon's Chimeran tower and enigmatically warns Hale before leaving. Malikov explains to Hale that Daedalus used to be a human known as Private Jordan Adam Sheppard who, along with Hale, was part of Project Abraham. Sheppard was part of Malikov's tests, one of the two (the other being Hale himself) who were injected with pure Chimeran DNA to actually survive. Unlike Hale, who had the DNA become dormant until his re-infection in York re-activated it, Sheppard's injection mutated his body into the barely human form of Daedalus, and gave him knowledge of the Chimera's origins and goals, and the ability to control their armies.

Hale and Malikov escaped Station Genesis after successfully eliminating The Swarm. Upon reuniting with Echo Team, Joseph Capelli angrily belittle Hale for neglecting his needed inhibitor treatment and forewarn his commanding officer that he will not hesitate to kill him if he turns. In response, Hale grabs Capelli by the throat and accepts his 'offer' before putting him down and proceeding to Chicago, in order to deactivate one of several activated Chimeran towers that are slowly powering up.

Intel Documents[]

  • Intel 14: After killing the Ravagers that bust out of the rock wall, it is located inside a tent to the left.
  • Intel 15: While evading The Swarm, it is in the side hall next to a deceased Black Op.
  • Intel 16: Located in a room containing the pure Chimeras and laying next to a dead Black Op.


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  • In the score card at the end of this level, it is strangely called the "Badlands".
  • This is the only level in the Resistance series that has dynamite in it, which can explode if you shoot at it.