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The Brute Minigun in Resistance 2.

The Brute Minigun is a Chimeran heavy weapon that first appears in Resistance 2.

Resistance 2[]

The Brute Minigun is usually seen being held by Chimeran Ravagers, and fires similar to the Hellfire turret. It is also available as a downloadable skin for the HVAP Wraith, if players have purchased the Resistance 2 collector's edition. This weapon is notably very large, approximately at a size length around four feet. It has several barrels that fire bursts of plasma at a very high rate, giving a beam-like blast which can rip through a living target in a couple of seconds. If the minigun's beam hits a Wraith's or Auger's force barrier, this will bend the beam upwards.

The minigun can not be picked up in the Resistance 2 campaign or in online play as it will instantly be destroyed upon the Ravager's death. The minigun also has a targeting screen attached to the grip. Ammunition for the weapon is stored in the spherical drum at the bottom of the gun. The Ravager overseers always wield this weapon, and it is extremely dangerous on account of the damage it deals, especially in Superhuman mode.

Resistance 3[]

The Brute Minigun returns in Resistance 3 as the killstreak "Mutate". Which transforms the Chimeran player into a Ravager which wields it, but not as a minigun and instead as a very powerful grenade launcher.



  • Linblow has released a program called Black Wraith Unlocker. It edits the save data on Resistance 2 and selects the minigun for the player as if the player selected it in-game. It also works for any game version whereas the Resistance 2 collector's edition was only released in the U.S.