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Bristol is the seventh level of Resistance: Fall of Man.


Returning from Somerset after they learned about the Chimeran tower had been excavated, not constructed. Nathan Hale and Stephen Cartwright arrive at Southern Command to find it under siege by the Chimera. The race is on to evacuate the base and save as many as possible before the Chimera destroy the base.

Intel Documents[]

  • Crates: After you reach the bottom of the stairwell at the beginning of the level head through the door at the bottom. You can either go left or right from here. Go right and around a corner. There will be several Crawlers feasting on a dead soldier. Next to this soldier is the intel document.
  • Preparations: Once you ride the elevator down into the hanger move foreward through the gate ahead of you. You should see two large raised hangar platforms. Make your way to the closest one to you and locate the spiral ramp leading down. Once you are at the bottom the intel document is located under the ramp near where the ramp starts at the bottom.
  • Broadcast Guide: This one is located near the end of this mission. After you pass through the news/briefing room you will ride an elevator up. Once you exit the lift you will enter a hall. Proceed down the hall and into a door on your right. Pass through this generator room and stop at the door on the opposite end on your left. From here you will find a hall that leads into a large room and directly across from you is a small area with a reddish light and a dead

soldier. In this small area next to the body is the intel document.

Skill Points[]

  • One Eye Dog! (3 points): Kill a Howler with the L23 Fareye.
  • A New Kind of Sourdough (4 points): Kill all enemies in the cafeteria of Southern Command with the XR-003 Sapper.
  • Pint In One Hand, Darts In The Other (2 points): Inside Southern Command, shoot the center of all four dartboards with the L23 Fareye.


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  • The map in the canteen of Southern Command is not a British one because it has the Americas in the middle, instead of following the Greenwich Mean Time lines which has Britain in the middle.