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Bristol is the seventh level of Resistance: Fall of Man.


Returning from Somerset after they learned about the Chimeran tower had been excavated, not constructed. Nathan Hale and Stephen Cartwright arrive at Southern Command to find it under siege by the Chimera. The race is on to evacuate the base and save as many as possible before the Chimera destroy the base.


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Devil at the DoorEdit

You'll start this level in the middle of a battle as your allies are trying to evacuate Southern Command.  Run towards the fray and ignore the Stalkers.  Resist the urge to attack them for they will disregard you.  Instead use your m5 and maybe a nade to take out the hybrid.  After they are dead move towards the sheet metal barriers. Quickly move behind the first one to avoid Hedgehog Mines.  Move to the next one and this time duck behind it to dodge more mines.  Again, move to another barrier and take cover behind it to escape the last set of mines.  As you move a little past the last barrier a Howler will run out from the left and go across your screen.  Ignore that one and instead target the one running straight at you from the right.  Wall back so it will target your allies while you blast away at it with your shotgun.  After he is dead repeat this tactic with the second howler.  Continue out into the open area and stick to the right. As you move out behind some rocks there will be a group of Hybrid in the middle of a road.  They won't focus on you till you get close, as they are too busy firing on a group of soldiers.  Drop a nade in the middle of them and m5 any leftovers. Move into the building your friends were in to collect health and ammo. Now head up the road towards the large gate.  When you get close enough a Titan shows up and blasts through the gate.  Unload any nades and grenades from your launcher into it then fall back.  Get behind the rocks on your left and bounce from out behind them and use the bullseye tag and fire to finish the brute off. Now head through the gate.  There will be two paths, one on the left leading into a building and the one on the right that ends with a path going uphill. Take the path on the left first.  Move slowly as the ground here is covered with Seismic mine deployers.  There are two groups of them and here is the pattern for each.  Group 1: Jump, duck, jump.  Group 2: Duck, jump, jump, jump, duck.  Now move into the building to grab health and ammo.  In a small side room on your left you will find the Dragon.  Now move to the doorway and torch the group of Menials that are making their way toward you.  Now its time to take the other path and this one is full of Hedgehog mines...yay. As you move out into the field their will be two metal barriers on your right. Run toward them and get behind the rightmost one.  After the mines are gone there will be a second group of barriers on your right.  There are three of them.  Move quickly and get behind the rightmost one to avoid the mines. Now head up the hill.  As you near the base of the hill there will be two seismic mines, jump them and then duck underneath the second wave, continue up. Switch to your bullseye and tag n bag the two hybrid at the top of the hill. Up ahead there will be several more hybrid m5 snipe them and switch to your Fareye. You will see a slope leading down.  This is the path you will take in a minute but for now take the smaller slope to the left of this that leads upward. At the top you will be looking down onto another battlefield.  Use your Fareye to take out the Steelhead and Hybrid below.  Next head down the ramp and follow the path around the ruined buildings and onto the road that leads to the base. In the distance you will see your jeep and your old friend from Chedder Gorge. Run past him and into the base courtyard to end the level.


Bust out your Reapers and step through the doorway into the stairwell.  Use them to take out the three Slipskulls jumping out.  Carefull not to go to far down the stairs yet.  Now slowly move down and keep an eye out below you.  There will be a large number of Hybrid and some Steelskulls coming up from below.  Rush them and set them ablaze with your Dragon.  Continue to the bottom of the stairs and through the doorway.  Turn left to find a Steelskull with his back turned toward you.  Light him up and continue through the doorway.  In this room there are several tables turned on their side and a doorway on the other end.  As you move into the room three hybrid will come in and take cover behind the tables.  M5 your way through them and head into the next hallway.  You will now find yourself in a large kitchen area.  Before you head into the area M5 the two hybrid below.  When you get about halfway into the room a Hardskull will charge bullseye him down before he gets close enough to use his Arc Charger.  Now head up the stairs opposite the ones you came down and take a left into the next hall.  At the end of the short winding hall is a room. Opposite of the way you entered is a locked door.  Flip the switch to the left of the door and ride the lift down to the hanger area.  The hanger is chaotic and directly ahead of you is a Titan.  Quickly exit the lift and move to the right to find cover behind a large stack of sandbags.  From your cover bullseye tag the big guy into a oblivion.  Also any grenades or explosives you might have come in handy here.  After the Titan falls use your fareye to take out the Hybrid which were supporting the Titan.  Now move through the gate and stick to the right.  Ahead of you will be a stairwell leading up and a large hanger in the distance.  When you get closer to the stairs a group of Hybrid will come out.  Plant a nade amongst them and fareye survivors.  Now look left across the big room and fareye some more Hybrid.  There will be just one more group and they are against the farwall.  They have an elevated position with two turrets.  Approach the position from either side.  Start by blowing up the big stack of explosive barrels at the top.  Now throw an Air-Fuel nade at the base of the enplacemet and another one towards the top.  After they are dead a loading platform will lower.  The platform is just to the right of the turret enplacement.  Move onto it and throw the switch to ride it to the top. At the top take the doorway at the top and follow the hall till it leads to another doorway.  You should be looking out into a large briefing room area. This room is full of hybrid.  From the safety of your doorway use your Fareye to eliminate as many of the Hybrid as you can.  When you have run out of ammo switch to the m5 to finish them up.  Collect any ammo and health needed as you pass through the area.  Move through the doorway on the other end of the room. Switch to your shutgun and head up the sloped passage.  Blast the Leaper swarm which attacks you and continue to the next room.  Take the lift that will be located on your left in this area.  The lift deposits you in a small room. Move slowly to the doorway.  Around the corner are two Hybrid.  Because they are pretty close to your position a direct assault will result in a huge chunk of life loss.  Toss an Air-fuel or standard grenade off the wall ahead of you at an angle to get it to bounce and land next to them.  After it goes off step around the corner prepared to blast them if they lived.  Head through the doorway on your right and into the next room.  As you get halfway in two hybrid will enter from your left.  Toss a nade and move on.  Break out your Hailstorm and head into the large room at the end of a short hallway.  Aim it up and deploy an auto turret.  Switch back to the m5 and blast away at the two Steelskulls that enter the room.  Bring out the Hailstorm again and head up the stairwell.  Another large enemy wave will begin heading down the stairs toward you.  Deploy an auto turret and rip them to shreds with your Bullseye.  Follow the hall at the top of the stairs past the row of windows and around the corner.  As you step around the corner lay waste to a Hybrid with the Bullseye then move back so you are not in the doorway.  The room ahead is now full of Hybrid.  Move into the doorway and toss nades into the room to clean it out.  Making sure to duck back around the corner after you have tossed it to avoid enemy return fire.  Switch to your Dragon and head through the doorway at the other end of the room.  At the end of the next hallway a Steelhead will attack.  He can be pretty dangerous at this close range so dodge like crazy as you close the distance and light him up with the Dragon. Continue along the hallway to end the level.

Parting WaysEdit

You will begin this level behind the controls of a Stalker.  Move slightly forward so you are just outside of the overhang.  This way when you fire the stalkers missiles they have a clear flight path.  Take care not to move to far out as this will expose you to a mortar battery on either side of you. From this position you should have clear shots at the Titans ahead and a low wall on either side of you should be shielding you from the mortars.  Fire at the group of Titans till they are now more and move forward and finish off the mortars.  When they are gone the level will end.  That was easy and fast.

Intel DocumentsEdit

Skill PointsEdit

  • One Eye Dog! (3 points): Kill a Howler with the L23 Fareye.
  • A New Kind of Sourdough (4 points): Kill all enemies in the cafeteria of Southern Command with the XR-003 Sapper.
  • Pint In One Hand, Darts In The Other (2 points): Inside Southern Command, shoot the center of all four dartboards with the L23 Fareye.


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  • The map in the canteen of Southern Command is not a British one because it has the Americas in the middle, instead of following the Greenwich Mean Time lines which has Britain in the middle.