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Sergeant Brierley was a British soldier who participated in Operation Shear.

Under the overall command of Lieutenant Childress, Sergeant Brierley commanded K Troop of the 24th SAS Regiment's H-Squadron during the operation. As Lt. Stephen Cartwright's unit had been on the verge of being overrun, the regiments was split in two, with Childress leading half of the company to destroy the Chimeran mortar position, while Brierley led his half of the company to reinforce Cartwright.

During the operation, Childress and his company had been wiped out by the Chimeran mortar position, which left Brierley in temporary overall command of the regiment. During this time, as Brierley's company attempted to rescue the Royal Marine Lieutenant, they became bogged down as Chimeran forces sought to delay British reinforcements from arriving, in an attempt to overrun Cartwright's position.

Fortunately, the arrival of Sergeant Nathan Hale - the sole survivor of Childress's unit allowed K-Troop to cross the bridge, narrowly saving Cartwright and his remaining elements of H-Squadron whom were on the verge of being wiped out.