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Bravo One was a Sabre Pilot who was based in Fort Anchorage, Alaska.


On January 1, 1951 Bravo One led a VTOL squadron during a patrol in the Alaskan skies. When he planned to turn back to base, he and his squadron were attacked by a Chimeran airship and its swarm of fighters.

Bravo One ordered the VTOLs to not to engage, but the Chimera attacked and decimated all the VTOLs. After shooting down a fighter, Bravo noticed that the fighters were heading to Fort Anchorage and attempted to contact and warn Anchorage, but only to find his radio destroyed in the dogfight. Bravo was then forced to travel back to Anchorage and taking down several fighters on the way but only to be shot down. Fortunately, he managed to parachute out over Fort Anchorage and ran into the hangar bay to look for anyone inside, but only to find everyone converted into Chimera.


  • Bravo One looks between 25-30's has short black hair, blue eyes and some stubble on his chin.
  • If the name written on his helmet is his actual name, or nick-name/call sign, then he is Captain Shakespeare.
  • Bravo One's F-86 Sabre has the number N5509-5 and also has a blue streak on it's right hand side.