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Bracknell is the eighth level in Resistance: Fall of Man.


After surviving the destruction of Southern Command, Hale abandons the British resistance as they retreat to their last stronghold and enters the Chimera's network of underground tunnels, hoping to infiltrate deep into enemy territory and see what he can learn.

Intel Documents[]

  • Conduits: Inside the second chamber to the far right in the sunken section of the floor.
  • Surrounded: In the Circular mining platform to the left.
  • Stranger: On top of one of the conduit lines.

Skill Points[]

  • Karma's A Bitch (3 points): Kill all enemies in the Chimeran tunnels with only their native weapons; Bullseye for Hybrids, Auger for Steelheads, and Backlash Grenades for all.
  • This is MY House (4 points): Do not let any Chimera stand on the mining platform in the Chimeran Tunnels for more than 10 seconds.


See Bracknell (level)/Transcript



  • This level was close to being cut, due to this the three levels are scaled down focusing on platforming and horror rather than battles.
    • Environmental Artist Kory Hagney (Speaking to Lighting Artist Eric Gooch): "These levels were my true babies of Resistance. There was a point where we thought that they might be cut. I insisted that I could finish them and focused on reducing assets, and worked closely with gameplay to get some creepy enemy placements set up. This refinement went on until the very end, or at least until the cut-off for lighting. This level almost didn't make it because it was designed specifically around a hardware element which was cut. There was a whole lot of reworking in the vertical cable area to allow the player to both walk on the massive cables, and not change their placement. Platforms, platforms, platforms….It all worked out though!!" [1]
  • Distant gunfire, presumably from Black Ops soldiers, can be heard at points in the level.


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