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Bobby was a resident of Haven, Oklahoma.

Having survived the initial Death Squad skirmish, Bobby quickly retreated underground, where he was sent to recon an exit. Joseph Capelli, who had been sent to investigate the disappearance of Tommy Dean, encountered Bobby, who told him of the nearby Chimeran Dropship arriving near their position. Additionally, prior to departing, Bobby handed Capelli a set of Shrapnel Grenades before once again, retreating back underground.

Hours later with the arrival of the Chimeran Terraformer, Bobby joined up with Lester's squad, including Capelli, Billy, Angus and several other residents to hold back the Chimeran forces in an effort to buy time to allow the rest of the townspeople to escape. Having survived the initial junkyard conflict, Bobby quickly retreated to the main area of the town as most of the town had been evacuated. As Chimeran reinforcements arrived via Dropship, Bobby, alongside several other residents took cover near the barricade, assisting the group in eliminating the Chimeran forces.

However, just as the group eliminated the Chimera, a Brawler arrived and destroyed the barricade. While most of the residents taking cover near the barricade were able to flee, Bobby was not so lucky and tripped as he tried to get away. Approaching him, the Brawler grabbed Bobby, before throwing him back down and smashing his fist into him, killing him instantly.

His body was presumably incinerated by the Terraformer when it destroyed the rest of the town.