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Captain Bo Richards was an intelligence officer working for SRPA.


Richards was acquainted with the underground resistance group Freedom First, whom he saw great value in them for their tenacity against the Chimera in the Gray Zones and valuable source of intelligence which he funneled to SRPA despite their animosity towards the Noah Grace administration.

On December 3, 1951, Richards was present in Chief of Staff William Dentweiler's assignment for SRPA in hunting down former Secretary of War Henry Walker for his alleged treachery. Richards learned that his associate Twitch Saunders was transporting Walker and his wife to a Freedom First cell in Chicago. During the briefing, Richards was drawn into a brief tense discussion with Dentweiler over former's affiliation with the rebel group. Fortunately, Blake quickly intervened and vouched for Richards to be on the search and recovery mission with Echo Team in Chicago due to his knowledge on Freedom First and the city he frequently traveled that will prove invaluable in determining the Walkers are in the city or not.

Richards helped guided Echo Team to the Freedom First base and reacquainted with their leader, Sam Jacoby. Richards divulged Jacoby for his reasons for coming to Chicago and about Henry Walker, in which he then learned about Saunders' death and Walker's absence.


Richards, although scruffy, was likable due to his irreverent sense of humour, he showed little interest in meetings and cleaned his fingernails with a switchblade, which shocked Hale as he thought Richards should of been dealt with. He supports the actions of Freedom First and knows some of their members like Spook and Twitch Saunders.


Captain Richards is described as scruffy looking with a rumpled Army uniform, he had longish hair, three days worth of stubble and a weather-beaten face.


  • Strangely, when the battle breaks out in the metro station, Richards is never mentioned again.