Sorofin Sorofin 27 January 2018

A Resistance Documentary

On 24th January, (3 Days Ago), Youtube Channel GVMERS uploaded a thirty-seven minute documentary on 'The Rise and Fall of Resistance' a well researched piece into the production behind all five Resistance games. What is exceptionally good about this, is that GVMERS have decided to delve online rather than just have a quick breeze of this open, and easily accessible wiki, which was the method of a few media outlets around 2010-11. Although I admit nothing amused me more than finding my badly edited (on paint) pictures appearing on news articles. Through their own inquiry, they have managed to find interesting little pieces that have not made it onto this wiki; importantly they also cite sources of interviews which they include.

Here is the V…

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Fakeguy221 Fakeguy221 30 May 2017

Will Sony reveal a new Resistance game at E3 2017?

It has been a while since a new Resistance game was released but recently there have been rumors that Sony will reveal a new Resistance game at E3 2017. There were also a couple of pictures leaked, showing a list of games that will be announced at E3 2017. One of these pictures was later confirmed to be fake but the other ones published by the website up2play are claimed to be real. According to the website Sony will reveal a new Resistance game at E3 2017. Hopefully there will be a new Resistance game.


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Drgyen Drgyen 28 February 2013

Did Burning Skies Kill the Resistance Franchise?

In June 2012, Colin Moriarty of IGN publish an article on his review on Resistance: Burning Skies and the bigger question of whether it spells an end to the Resistance franchise. Source

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Sorofin Sorofin 16 February 2012

Resistance Burning Skies Release Date Announced.

Hey guys and girls, even though Insomniac have announced that Resistance 3 would be their last Resistance game and we wish them the best of luck in future projects (thankyou), it doesn't mean the franchise is dead.

Nihilistic Software has announced that Resistance: Burning Skies, will be released on PS Vita in North America on May 29th, 2012 and May 30th in the EU. [1].

The game is a prequel set in 1951, following the life of Fireman Tom Riley during the Chimeran Attacks on New York and the game will be in the record books as the worlds first portable dual-analouge game.

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Sorofin Sorofin 23 December 2011

New Resistance: Burning Skies footage.

Hey guys/gals, I'm back and today Nihilistic Software has given the Playstation Blog a preview of another level from Resistance: Burning Skies. It can be seen by clicking here.

In this part, Fireman Tom Riley is trying to save civilians on the George Washington Bridge, before the Army/SRPA/Random people destroy it to prevent the Chimera crossing. It shows a new weapon, a sniper rifle called the SixEye. It also shows Sniper Hybrids (from Resistance 3 fame) as well.

From the looks of it, the game is shaping up nicely, but what do you peeps think? (P.S. sorry for the long time but this week is the first real week I've had time to work on this wiki, so to celebrate I've updated the Poll :P .)

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Yoko379 Yoko379 25 September 2011

Resistance 3 DLC!

Insomniac has confirmed DLC for its newest game, Resistance 3.

Called the Survival Pack, it goes live on PSN for $3.99 on October 4th, and includes new multiplayer mode Invasion, which seems to be a sort of human-versus-Chimera King of the Hill. It also comes with an XMB theme and a smattering of multiplayer skins. No European price was confirmed.

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Drgyen Drgyen 10 September 2011

Book Review: Resistance: A Hole in the Sky

TheSixthAxis writes a somewhat positive review on Resistance: A Hole in the Sky.

Those of you who finished Resistance 2 will remember Joeseph Capelli blowing Nathan Hale’s brain out with a well placed shotgun blast. During the course of the new book, Resistance: Hole In The Sky, Nathan remains resolutely dead but his consciousness is alive and well in Capelli’s head, commenting on his actions and generally being a bitchy queen.

There’s no indication in the book whether this bodiless version of Hale is a figment of Joseph’s imagination or some Chimera weirdness that will result in Hale returning during the course of the game via a Bones/Spock mind meld. Whatever the eventual outcome, this is not the Nathan Hale we know. He’s bitter, spiteful a…

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Wagnike2 Wagnike2 6 September 2011

Resistance 3 Receives Rave Review

Over at IGN, they can't stop ranting and raving about the awesomeness that is Resistance 3. We of course already know that in Resistance 3, we take control of Joseph Capelli as we attempt to take down the remaining Chimera.

IGN is quick to mention the functionality and smoothness of the controlling system. Playstation Move functionality seems to not be perfect, but still decent enough. Also, the violence and the gut-wrenching terror has been raised in this game to extreme levels.

The levels in the game are said to be extremely diverse, including boats, trains, and escort missions. The multiplayer also continues to be a strong aspect of the game, even though it has been scaled down to 16 players. This however is a good thing as it makes battl…

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Drgyen Drgyen 1 September 2011

Insomniac gives us the middle a nice way.

On PlayStation LifeStyle's website Insomniac Games gives Resistance 3 beta players two gifts for taking part in the beta.

According to their email:

After 3 long years the time is almost upon us. Resistance 3 will soon ship to the masses. But
before it does we wanted to take this opportunity to thank all you fans. Not only have you given
us valuable feedback, but you have supported us and without you, there would be no
Insomniac. Never has this been more prevalent than in our Resistance 3 Beta. It has not been
the smoothest sailing, but the feedback and help we received from Beta participants has been

To start we wanted to get everyone back together for one last go at the Beta before launch. We
would like as many players as possible to j…

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Yoko379 Yoko379 28 August 2011

Resistance to be passed on to another developer?

During an interview by Gaming Union with Marcus Smith, Resistance 3's creative director, he hints that Resistance has a bright future, but that Insomniac may not be apart of it. He stated that with the series Resistance they have has success with it, but that they were known to pass their series along to other developers.

"I loved the Spyro the Dragon series when [Insomniac] did that," he told Gaming Union. but later he confessed that "it was healthy for [Insomniac] to move on" and that "that's what were seeing here" with Resistance. "We've done Resistance 3 and we're really into it and proud of it, but we're not currently slated to do a Resistance 4."

After being further prodded about outright handing the Resistance series over to another d…

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