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In Resistance: Fall of Man, there is a Morse Code message on the pause menu in nearly each level as well as from messages from some of the dead Black Ops on their radio.



  • Pause screen code: "Red forces encountered. Non-uniform opposition confirmed."

A Lone Survivor

  • Pause screen code: N/A



Fates worse than death

  • Pause screen code: "Red facility located. Study of infection path proceeding."


  • Pause screen code: "Friendly interception anticipated. Abort Grayskin capture."

Hunted Down

  • Pause screen code: "Friendly intelligence chatter positive to Grayskin's resistance."


Path of Least Resistance

  • Pause screen code: "Red anti air potential excessive. Hold off insertion."

The Cathedral

  • Pause screen code: "Grayskin encounter with Angel inevitable."


  • Pause screen code: "Red tunnel network supports grid theory."


Into the fire

  • Pause screen code: "Friendly excavation investigation pending."


Viper's Nest

  • Pause screen code: "Grayskin cut off in friendly base. Red forces present."


No Way Out

  • Pause screen code: "Grayskin exposure compromises sensitive data."


  • Pause screen code: "Angel presence in base confirmed."
  • Dead XR code: "Cloven enroute. Purge base of shift data once grayskin clear"


  • Pause screen code: "Grayskin identified in zone R16."


Search and Rescue

  • Pause screen code: "Friendly escort limited. Grayskin recapture is go."

Common Ground

  • Pause screen code: "Sequoia type 6 tower confirmed. Grayskin shows no reaction to active tharp field."

A Disturbing Discovery

  • Pause screen code: "Blue units evacuated from friendly base. Remaining evidence of blue presence negligible."
  • Dead XR code: "Team nine sabotage Goliath spire launchers at assembly site and report."


Devil at the Door

  • Pause screen code: "Evacuation of tier one personnel imperative. Red side capture t...."


  • Pause screen code: "Evacuation proceeding to zone K5 to join blue force."

Parting Ways

  • Pause screen code: "Grayskin believed enroute to Pandora."


Into the Depths

  • Pause screen code: "Team 6 lost contact in tunnels. Presumed eliminated."
  • Dead XR code: "Visit Insomniac Games dot com for Resistance Fall of Man unlockable skins."
  • Dead XR voice comms: "X-Ray Three, maintain safe forward observation distance. Confirmation of Grayskin's regenerative ability is priority one. X5 needs all available intel for target recovery."

"X-Ray, aerial surveillance has tracked Grayskin into tunnel network. Confirm coordinates and report." "X-Ray Three, route extrapolation indicates your present course terminates in Red structure. Extent of defense is unknown. Recommend proceed with extreme caution. Unobserved support of target is acceptable."

In a Darker Place

  • Pause screen code: "Blue forces enroute to London. Secondary units establishing foothold HQ."


A Desperate Gamble

  • Pause screen code: "Grayskin located. Floating box escort resumed."
  • Dead Black Op code: "Visit RFOMPS3 dot com and enter node password frozen fortress"

Ice and Iron

  • Pause screen code: "Route to Pandora cleared of anti air."


Burning Bridges

  • Pause screen code: "Goliath units closing on Pandora assault force."
  • Dead XR code: "Visit RFOMPS3 dot com and enter node password several concerns"
  • Dead XR voice comms: "X-Ray Six, come in. Opportunity window for safe recovery is closing. Grayskin proximity to Pandora presents unacceptable risk. Commit to recovery of Grayskin and any other targets of opportunity."

"X-Ray Four, come in. X-Ray Four, do you read?" "X-Ray Six, investigate whereabouts of Four. Last coordinates eighty-eight by seventeen. Red anti-air cover is unknown. Proceed with caution. Report status upon recovery."

On the Ice

  • Pause screen code: "Friendly breach of Pandora. Team 4 escort collection units below meniscus."

Giant Slayer

  • Pause screen code: N/A


Angel's Lair

  • Pause screen code: "Custodians live below meniscus. Mission window closing. Secure hope device at any cost."

Last Hope

  • Pause screen code: "Grayskin intercept failed. Execute secondary objectives. Corvus inbound."
  • Dead Black Op code: "Tharp spikes traced to Grayskin. Shifted teams ranged actions only."