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Bam-Bam was an enslaver for the Zenda Brothers Circus.

He was one of the guards in charge of the prisoners that the circus had captured, protecting them alongside Inkskin during 15 mile hikes, he had no respect for the prisoners, always referring to them a "Donkeys" due to the fact that they pulled the circus wagon and created the arenas, he also disliked the prisoner Loomis for reasons unknown but couldn't harm him because the prisoners needed to be alive and well enough for the fights with the Circus' main attraction El Diablo.

During circus shows, Bam-Bam would do his clown routine, juggling bowling pins and occasionally knocking himself out mid act. Bam-Bam also was a vendor during the circus events and sold hard candy to children attending the performances.

After the trip in Tank Town where prisoner Joseph Capelli killed the Circus' El Diablo, the owners had him cruxified and at the end of every day on the cross, Bam-Bam, along with Inkskin, would give him some hot soup and make sure he was alive enough for the next day. Whilst they hid in the shadows awaiting Chimeran patrols to ambush for a new star of the circus. On November 3rd, after the third day of trying to create an ambush, Bam-Bam assisted Inkskins untying of Capelli to put him back in the wagon with the other prisoners for the night, however this turned out to be his final act, when Capelli was untied, both Bam-Bam and Inkskin were shot in the head mere seconds apart by a conceiled sniper (Susan Farley) whom had followed the circus from Tank Town and Capelli's fight with El Diablo, to free the prisoner in order to find out information on SRPA and more importantly her adopted brother Nathan Hale.


Bam-Bam always wore his brightly attired clown costume which contained an orange wig, white face paint and a red nose. Bam-Bam's appearance may have also been weary due to him suffering from malnutrition and disease.