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The BM003 Razor is an upgraded version of the Razor BM001 that does far more damage, it was a British-designed and reverse engineered from the Bullseye Mark II. It is an assault rifle that fires blue projectiles and launches a homing disk after charging it and emptying the remaining magazine as a secondary fire mode. It has 45 rounds in each magazine. The more rounds in the magazine, the more powerful the secondary fire disk. It is found in the second section of the Chrysalis Lair, on the floor at few meters away.


It is capable of launching a homing disk by emptying the remaining magazine (more rounds in the magazine equals more damage) that causes severe damage to any enemy in the game. It takes a couple of seconds to charge. It can take out 3 Advanced Hybrids at a time. Similar to its weaker BM001 counterpart, the BM003 can also be utilized whilst underwater, being one of the few weapons in Resistance: Retribution to do so. Its ammo being plentiful and doing excellent damage. It can take down an armored Titan in one-and-a-half magazines.


  • Similar to BM001, The BM003 Razor was also one of the few weapons in Retribution that made by humans by using the Chimeran technologies, presumably created after the liberation of Britain depicted in Resistance: Fall of Man.