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The Razor BM (Bullseye Modified) 001 is a British-designed and reverse-engineered variation of the Chimeran Bullseye that exclusively appears in Resistance Retribution. As the weapon was engineered by humans via reverse-engineering Chimeran technology, the ammunition of the Razor is similar enough to that of the Bullseye to be picked up.

Much like the Bullseye, the BM001 Razor fires orange/red shots as its primary fire. However, a new secondary fire has been added (the Tag feature was made irrelevant with RR's auto-lock mode), which charges the weapon, firing a shot during this time will release a disc of energy. This energy ricochets off walls, other solid objects and enemies, capable of killing many average Chimera with a single hit. Later on in the game, the player finds a BM003 Razor, which is a redesigned Bullseye Mark II, being more powerful than the BM001 Razor and firing stronger energy blades. Both weapons share the same ammo and could be picked up off of defeated Hybrids.


  • The Razor is one of the primary weapons the player receives in Resistance: Retribution. It is a powerful weapon with low spread and velocity when compared to the other primary rifle of the game, the .303 Storm Rifle. Another advantage it has over the Storm rifle is its energy blades, which it is named for, can ricochet off walls and other obstacles. Combined with its heat-seeking ability, it can quickly deal with groups of enemies.
  • The Razor's possesses at least two weaknesses: its somewhat lower ammo capacity, holding 45 shots in the gun and 225 in reserve, compared to the Storm Rifle's 50 per magazine and 300 in reserve, but this is offset by the fact most of the enemies in the game will drop ammo for it. Its other weakness is the fact that if the charged razor attack misses, there is a good chance not a single enemy will get hit by it. It is also one of the few weapons able to be aimed and fired whilst underwater, making it invaluable against Sirens.


  • The weapon was designed by Bend Studios for the use of the PSP.
  • BM001 Razor was one of the few weapons in Retribution that was human-made by using the Chimeran technologies, presumably created after the liberation of Britain depicted in Resistance: Fall of Man.