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Axbridge is a co-operative map in Resistance 2.

Bosses encountered[]

Titan Overseer

Alpha Grims

Ravager Primarch

Steelhead Primarch

Notable obstacles[]

When in the prison complex, the player will be swarmed by grims, chameleons, and leapers. In Superhuman difficulty, the Chimera can tear apart even a full team of 8. Save grenades and Bellock/LAARK ammo for the swarm.

Also, when the steel doors to the compound are opened, be sure to have the Spec-ops commandos keep supplying the Soldiers with force barrier energy.


Swarming the compound

The player will be tasked with securing a Chimeran compound. If this is the last objective then a trio of attack drones will attack the player.

Killing the Titan prisoner

The player must kill a captured Titan Overseer. If this is the last objective, then several Alpha Grims will also attack the player. Note that a Dropship will always arrive with reinforcements.

Salvaging the reactor

The player must protect a Salvage team from Ravagers, then infiltrate the facility and secure the reactor. Enemy reinforcements will arrive, and will attempt to destroy the reactor.


  • There is a huge Chimeran battleship hovering above the map.
  • This operation was critically important in defeating the Chimera in Chixulub Crater, as without Specter Team having recovered the reactor, not enough plutonium could have been manufactured to create the bomb used by X-Ray team on-board the flagship.