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Avalon One was an enormous refugee camp in Australia set up by the British government to protect selected British citizens in the event of a Chimeran invasion on the United Kingdom. Avalon One housed over 300,000 British citizens who were evacuated from the U.K. in December 1949 during the outbreak of the Chimeran War. Candidates moved to Avalon One were specially selected by the government based on lottery. The majority of the British parliament fled to Avalon One along with the Royal Family. The current situation of Avalon One is unknown, but it can be presumed that the camp was affected by Australia's civil war and the arrival of the Chimera in 1957.


  • Avalon One is presumably named after the legendary island of Avalon, which is a key feature of Arthurian legend.[1]
  • In Arthurian legend, after the Battle at Camlan, a wounded King Arthur was taken by Sir Bedevere to the edge of the sea, where a barge appears and takes Arthur away from his accomplice. In despair over the departure of his King, Bedevere asks "what [he] is to do now he has no King to follow?". Arthur told him that he was "Going away to the island of Avalon to be healed of his wound and then [he] would return". It could be likely that Avalon One received its name due to the legend of Arthur's messianic return as an item of propaganda to inspire the British people, ensuring them that their government would allow them to return to Britain at some point once the Chimeran War is over.
  • At some point before London fell to the Chimera, direct radio contact between England and Avalon was lost, with Field Marshall Douglas Braithwaite unable to contact them and inform them of the Chimeran attack on England.
  • SRPA logs in Resistance 3 indicate that at some point after the fall of the Liberty Defense Perimeter and in effect, all of North America the remnants of the US Army began evacuating its citizens to military sanctuaries in the Bahamas and Australia one of which can assumed to be Avalon One.


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