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The Atomizer is a electricity-based Chimeran riot weapon. It is the sixth weapon received in Resistance 3.

The Atomizer is picked up in an abandoned factory in St. Louis. Its primary fire shoots out short-range electric bolts that auto-target and disintegrate nearby enemies. Its alternate fire launches a localized gravity well that damages and pulls nearby enemies and their bodies into the well.

The Atomizer is the new standard weapon for the Ravager and are used in the extermination of feral Chimera, most specifically Grims due to their nature of swarming their enemies and the fact that they live in damp, underground environments. The Atomizer's ability to emit bolts that can be transferred from one enemy to another in quick succession, makes it most useful in dispatching swarming Grims and Leapers. It is also capable of conducting in water-filled environments, allowing bolts of electricity that can spread faster to any enemy in a damp area.  It proves to be a powerful weapon against large groups of enemies but the most effective attack is the secondary fire.  The secondary fire can take the player out of danger very quick and conserving ammo for the other weapons.

It is reclaimed by picking one up from the Washington Square base in New York City.


  • The Atomizer is effective against Leapers, due to it's auto-lock feature.
  • The Atomizer is very useful in dispatching groups of Grims and Leapers, if it has been upgraded at least once.
  • The secondary fire allows the player to deny an area to swarms of Leapers and Grims.


  • Arc Charger: As the bolt electricity hits an enemy, if another enemy is near, the bolt will jump to the other enemy.
  • The Big Bang: When the gravity well timer has run out, it will blow up in a big explosion.


The Atomizer is unlocked at level 35.

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An electricity-based Chimeran riot weapon. It releases lethal shocks of electricity that are extremely effective at short range.

R1 - Press and hold to release short-range electric bolts that auto=target and disintegrate nearby enemies.
R2 - Press to release a localized gravity well that damages nearby enemies and pulls their bodies into the well.