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Arthur Norton was a reporter for WDC News in Washington, D.C. Norton was a bald man around in his thirties, and had sired a family.


On November 27th, 1951, Norton was among the reporters that attended President Noah Grace's public address at the refurbished Lincoln Memorial. During the President's address, Norton questioned Grace on the safety of the Liberty Defense Perimeter due to persisting rumors that some sections of the Perimeter have been breached by the Chimera. Grace answered Norton's question that the government had made every funding to provide America's safety by pointing out the fact that Washington, an obvious target of invasion, hasn't yet been invade by the Chimera.

Unfortunately (and ironically), Grace's assumptions were quickly proven wrong when a sudden Spire attack struck near the Lincoln Memorial shortly after Grace finished his address. Norton was among the victims when Spinners were unleashed onto the nearby pedestrians. He was unable to seek shelter inside a fenced off area at the Lincoln Memorial, in which Spinners overwhelmed and took Norton hostage and tried to get into the enclosure which held the people who escaped from the Spinner; among them were Henry Stillman and Abe Bristow. Despite Norton's desperate and frantic pleadings to be let inside, he was necessarily left outside (as seriously advised by Stillman) for the safety of the people inside the enclosure. Once the Spinners realized that their plan had failed, they infected Norton by wrapping him up into a cocoon.