The Arc Charger is a Chimeran weapon which fires a electric arc which can be transferred through objects. It is used by Hardfangs and is exclusive in Resistance: Fall of Man. It is found on the second playthrough in Cheshire, England - "No Way Out". Just after the first checkpoint, enter a large room with Slipskulls inside and found at the end of the room with dead soldiers without 'POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS' tape.


Single PlayerEdit

  • The Arc Charger fires a blast of energy in the form of an electric arc which briefly clings to organic tissue. Additional blasts increase the intensity of the energy. This bolt of electricity has the ability to arc to other enemies, but the gun needs to be charged first. The more the Arc Charger fires, the more it charges, and the more enemies the bolt will arc to. This is how the Arc Charger receive its name.
  • The energy's power increases with each successive arc, as does its ability to strike new targets. With the proper timing many targets may be attacked at once. The Arc Charger is particularly devastating against multiple enemies where it can develop maximum intensity.


  • The Arc Charger was often thought of a skillful weapon to master, although a later patch increased its rate of fire dramatically causing it to be even more effective. It has the ability to kill multiple enemies at once with its secondary fire. It is also used heavily in Meltdown by players to destroy nodes as its secondary fire is very effective and quick at doing this.


  • The Arc Charger is the only known weapon that can fire through a Backlash Grenade's shield.
  • Enemies killed by the Arc Charger will have red electricity visible on their corpses.
  • The XR-42 Phoenix from Resistance 2 greatly resembles to the Arc Charger, suggesting the Phoenix is a rehashed model of the Arc Charger.
  • In Resistance 3, The Atomizer seems to have replaced the Arc Charger. Also one of the upgrades that allows it to arc enemies is called 'Arc Charger'.
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