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Captain Anton Nash was a SRPA scientist who appeared in Resistance: The Gathering Storm. He led the Sentinels in Bear Butte, South Dakota. Although he was not combat experienced, he shows some signs of good leadership.


Not much is revealed about Nash's past, other than he taught classes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before being recruited to the military. He was engaged to marry to his colleague Dr. Linda Barrie. He had never fired a weapon until he went through Officer Candidate School and was very nervous and frightened about leading men into combat against the Chimera.

Nash was selected to lead a group of Sentinels, which included Nathan Hale, to recover technology from a crashed Chimeran shuttle at Bear Butte. Hale did most of the leading, but Nash was needed due to his intelligence and familiarity with Chimeran technology. When they arrived at Bear Butte, the Chimera had already secured the site, forcing the group to fight their way to the shuttle. However, Nash had the idea to use LAARKs to hit the ground below the shuttle, causing it to roll down closer to the Sentinels. The plan worked after four rockets were launched, and the shuttle was much closer.

As the rest of the Sentinels fought the Chimera, Nash and accompanied with a Sentinel, Pvt. Mike Unver, moved to the crashed shuttle. Unver cleared the shuttle and stood guard while Nash searched the craft for anything of value. He found a box that later turned out to be what was compared to a "filing cabinet". While he was searching, however, a Chameleon severely wounded Unver and boarded the shuttle. Fortunately, Hale was aware of the Chameleon and warned Nash via radio. Nash sensed the Chameleon's presence and, out of fright, opened fire and managed to hit the Chameleon's cloaking device. Nash managed to shot the creature in the skull, but it took two shotgun blasts from Hale, who had just entered the shuttle, to bring the monster down.

Together, they exited the shuttle, and while Nash was holding the Chimeran box triumphantly, a energy bolt from likely a Bullseye struck him between the eyes, killing him instantly. Hale, with no choice, left Nash's body behind and took his box and quickly fled with the rest of the Sentinels. After his death, Hale brought the box back to SRPA for examination. It was then deduced as an information database about nuclear fuel, which prompted Nash's fiancee, Barrie, to continue where he left off.