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Andrei Vezenskiy (Russian: Aндpeй Вeэeнcкий) was a former Russian soldier and apparent leader of the Cloven.


During Russia's war against the Chimera in the 1920's, Vezenskiy was an ordinary Russian soldier who volunteered, along with tens of thousands of others, to be inoculated with a serum derived from Pure Chimera DNA made by Dr. Fyodor Malikov to become immune to the Chimeran virus. Vezenskiy and the other soldiers were inoculated in November 7, 1927, and were made immune to the Crawler strain and also stronger in fighting the Chimera. But four months after their inoculation, Vezenskiy and the others began to change, as they undergo extreme dementia and suffering traumatic nightmares as a result of the injection that ultimately transformed them into the Cloven.[1] Vezenskiy apparently became the unofficial 'commander' of the Cloven.

Vezenskiy and the Cloven were imprisoned until one day he demanded to talk with Fyodor Malikov, whom he referred to as his "father". He accused Malikov of tricking him and the other test subjects for their transformation into Cloven, whom he calls themselves the Lyutaya ("the Devils").[1] During their discussion, Vezenskiy do not saw himself and the Cloven as no longer Russians, or people, but beasts, and explaining about how he and the Cloven were hearing the "voices of angels". Although Vezenskiy held Malikov responsible for his transformation, and even though it was an accident, he was thankful of him for making him this way. Vezenskiy then announced that the Cloven will leave their prison before attempting to kill Malikov.[2]

On April 20, 1928, Malikov survived Vezenskiy's attempt on his life and fled. As the Chimera encroached westward, Vezenskiy refused to heed the advice of Malikov's chief assistant Grigori Yefimovich Novy to retreat to Moscow. However, on August 12, 1930, Vezenskiy fled to the west and gradually succumbing to his insanity.[1]