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The Original Alpha Team

Alpha Team was the first Sentinel team. They appear in the Resistance (comics) and are also mentioned in the Cooperative Intel in Resistance 2.


Little is known about Alpha Team except that around January 1951, Alpha Team took part in an operation dubbed the "Maiden Voyage of the Sentinels," where they were sent to Fort Anchorage, Alaska to retrieve a fission bomb that the Chimera had possessed. Alpha Team did manage to retrieve the bomb but were taken aboard a Chimeran warship. They finally escaped in a tank when their leader, Lieutenant Murphy, stayed on board and detonated the bomb, destroying the vessel and saving the other Sentinels. Though the bomb was lost, Murphy's actions had the positive side effect of irradiating the recreated Bering land-bridge, which prevented the Chimera from invading North America by land.

On December 8, 1952, Alpha Team (now missing all the original surviving Sentinels with Leavitt and Benjamin Warner transferred to Echo Team by this time, and Joseph Capelli in Bravo Team, though he was suspended from all Sentinel operations at the time.) led an assault on a conversion complex deep within Grey Territory in Bend, Oregon. All Sentinels in Alpha Team were killed, presumably because of the heavy Chimeran reinforcements that they encountered.[1]

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