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Alpha Grims are an elite form of Grim that appears Resistance 2 Cooperative Mode.


Like most Grims, Alpha Grims were humans that had been converted by Spinners launched by the Chimera into populated cities of America. Only encountered by Specter Team during their operations in Chicago, Orick and Axbridge, reports submitted by the team perplexed SRPA scientists, as many were unable to provide explanations as to its different nature compared to their normal brethren.

Regardless, some have theorized that Alpha Grims had been incubated for a longer period of time, hence allowing the human body to be mutated even further, others have suggested that Chimeran forces under the leadership of Daedalus, tampered with the cocoons of certain Grims, ensuring that these creatures mutated more quickly. However, because of their limited encounters, SRPA has been unable to form a proper theory as to why Alpha Grims exist, but have confirmed that they play a role in the Chimeran hierarchy, often with the role of Primarch units for all Grims within the area.

With eyewitness accounts, SRPA have noted that Alpha Grims are larger, stronger, and have yellow skins compared to their white and weaker counterparts. SRPA veterans of Operation Morning Star have even suggested that Alpha Grims bear a very strong resemblance to the Gray Jacks encountered in England. Additionally, their cocoons are also twice a big as regular Grim cocoons and much more brighter in appearance.


Like normal Grims, Alpha Grims are powerful in melee and it is advise for players to keep their distance.

Playing the Medic class benefits in a combination of firing distance and draining the health of an Alpha Grim to their own. The Leech Barrel upgrade also greatly improve in increasing the Phoenix's damage and range.