Alpha Grims are an elite form of Grim that appears in the co-op campaign of Resistance 2.

Alpha Grims are larger, stronger, brighter in appearance than normal Grims and have a very strong resemblance to the Gray Jacks from Resistance: Fall of Man. The cocoons of Alpha Grims are twice as big as regular Grim cocoons and look brighter in appearance. Also, Alpha Grims attack in numbers of between three-five at a time. Alpha Grims appear to be the Primarch command units for the Grim strain, but it is currently unknown as to how high their rank is in the Chimera chain of command; however, their strength symbol is one star.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Like normal Grims, Alpha Grims are powerful in melee and it is advise for players to keep their distance.

Playing the Medic class benefits in a combination of firing distance and draining the health of an Alpha Grim to their own. The Leech Barrel upgrade also greatly improve in increasing the Phoenix's damage and range.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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