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The Alliance for American Autonomy (AAA) was an American isolationist organization that was opposed to the United States' involvement in foreign affairs and dedicated to the removal of U.S. President Noah Grace from office.


The AAA was founded in May 1949 and immediately attracted thousands of participants during their campaign against American re-militarization and participation in foreign wars. Before and after the outbreak of the Chimeran War, the AAA had never yet realize the military build up were to combat the Chimera. By the time the Chimera began their invasion, the U.S. government censored all media outlets and replaced with propaganda, effectively enforcing American citizens' ignorance of the Chimera's existence. The AAA reacted very negatively to the media suppression and decried the Grace administration to be tyrannical, along with criticizing Grace's executive secrecy, his unlimited term in office, and the unexplained seizure of private lands (which were in reality to be used for the construction of the Liberty Defense Perimeter).[1]

What began as an anti-war movement soon turned into an anti-government insurrection. Beginning in May 1950, the AAA made their war on the Grace administration by bombing the U.S. border crossings with Canada and Mexico that claimed the lives of forty-six people. Thereafter the AAA made further attacks on government and military institutions ranging from vandalizing Army Recruitment Stations to seizing military convoys. The U.S. government condemned the AAA as an "un-American" terrorist group, and began a campaign in suppressing the AAA through federal crackdowns and propaganda demonizing the organization.[2] The government propaganda were effective, as various AAA members and sympathizers were discriminated and even ousted from their workplace.[3][4]

An anti-Alliance for American Autonomy pamphlet.

The AAA was the publisher of the newsletter America First - America Only which printed anti-Grace stories and perceived "crimes" committed by the government, and advocating the enforcement of the First and Second Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. The AAA also had informants within the government and leaking government secrets in their newsletters, which include Project Abraham and Dr. Fyodor Malikov. The organization's investigation eventually led to learning about the Chimera. While the AAA acknowledged the real reason for America's military buildup was in response to the Chimera, this did not changed their views on the Grace administration as they lambasted the government for withholding the truth from the public.[5] The AAA were also deeply skeptical of the government promising protection against the alien threat, believing that they cared less about the wellbeing of their citizens and accusing the military as mere puppets of the Grace administration.[6]

The AAA was eventually forced to go underground following a government raid on their activities, as federal agents had been infiltrating the organization, leading to the breakup of planned protest rallies and the America First - America Only news office being destroyed on December 15, 1950.[7]

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  • The Alliance for American Autonomy, and especially their "America first, America only" motto, is based on the real life America First Committee which was against American entry into World War II, until it was disbanded after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • The Alliance's more exaggerated conspiracy theories published in America First - America Only bears some similarities to the John Birch Society, which has been known for its fringe conspiracist direction in American right-wing politics.
  • It is unclear if Freedom First from Resistance: The Gathering Storm are what remains of the AAA.