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Alfonso was the owner and a scout of the Zenda Brothers Circus.


Before the Invasion of the United States, the Zenda Brothers Circus had employed 50 workers, but when the Chimera came, 80% of the task force had been killed and the main cities where the circus travelled had been destroyed, so Alfonso along with the other survivors travelled from settlement to settlement, performing acts for food, ammo and other things essential for survival.

Alfonso, whilst disguised as a scarecrow, captured Joseph Capelli, 50 miles away from Hamley, Kansas and had Inkskin enslave him and throw him in with the rest of the prisoners/donkeys.

During hikes Alfonso, on a golden palomino, would range well ahead of the wagon scouting and trying to drum up business for the circus. During circus events he would choose the prisoner to fight the Steelhead El Diablo.

In Tank Town on October 24th, 1953. Alfonso was there to witness, prisoner Capelli, kill El Diablo the main attraction, so they cruxified him on the U.S. Route 81 just south of the event in an attempt to obtain another Hybrid for their circus act. On November 3rd, at the end of the third day in an attempted ambush of Chimera, the circus group where in themselves ambushed by a conceiled sniper (Susan Farley) whom had followed the circus from Tank Town and Capelli's fight with El Diablo, to free the prisoner in order to find out information on SRPA and more importantly her adopted brother Nathan Hale, her first two shots had killed the two circus guards Inkskin and Bam-Bam, leaving Alfonso the only one left out of the three and he returned fire with his Marksman, but after a bit of a firefight, he, like the two circus guards, was shot in the forehead and left dead in the middle of the road.


Alfonso wore the attire of a cowboy, with a ten-gallon hat, western-style red shirt, pearl handled colt revolvers, leather chaps, high-heeled boots and a fancy buckskin scabbard which carried his crossbow and, later, Capelli's Marksman.