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The Air Fuel Grenade is an flammable explosive of human origin. It has proven to be deadly in dire situations.

Resistance: Fall of Man

The Air Fuel Grenade, like the Hedgehog Grenade, does not activate until it has landed on a solid object. The Grenade also adheres to any solid surface it hits, including the floor, a wall, or an unfortunate enemy, though the grenade can be shaken off before it detonates. After the grenade has landed, it releases a green-brown cloud of gas, much like the L11-2 Dragon's secondary fire. After 2-3 seconds, the Grenade detonates, igniting the gas and incinerating any enemies in its blast radius. The grenade's detonation can be delayed by holding the throw button.

The Air-Fuel Grenade is perfect for taking out large areas of Leaper pods, as the grenade will vaporize any cocoons in its blast radius, dramatically diminishing the Leaper threat in the area.


The No 42 Air-Fuel Grenade, has been issued for combating Chimera in the tight spaces commonly found in urban conflicts. A thrown grenade adheres to most surfaces and immediately releases a cloud of flammable vapor. Once deployed, the cloud is ignited creating a massive explosion. The resulting heat and pressure wave will cause vast injuries to anything caught in the blast. With their reliance on external cooling systems, Chimera are especially susceptible to damage.

Resistance 2

The Air Fuel Grenade functions similarly to the version in the first game, though it is no longer possible to hold the button to delay detonation.

In Competitive mode, the Air Fuel Grenade has the capabilities of sticking directly to opponents therefore resulting in an almost surefire kill. The grenade will continue to stick even if the player shakes the controller to get rid of it.


The No. 60 Air Fuel Grenade has been issued for combating Chimera in tight spaces commonly found in urban conflicts. The grenade will adhere to almost any surface, biological or otherwise, and deployed a cloud of flammable vapor. Once released, the cloud is ignited, creating a massive explosion.

Resistance 3

The Air Fuel Grenade does not appear in Resistance 3 as it is replaced by the Molotov. However it is only obtained in the preordered game on, or downloaded for free on PSN as an additional bonus in the Campaign mode. Also, a grenade similar in function to the Air Fuel is one of the Brawler's main attacks.