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Is Private Joseph Capelli Dead... Or Worse?

One brave soldier has already
been sacrificed in the name of
"science." Our covert operatives
within the government system
have uncovered materials that
show Joseph Capelli being tor-
tured and possibly killed. How
could this happen to a defender
of out freedom? And what, if
anything, do these experiments

Nothing is worth
this madness.

    The medical staff of Project
Abraham has designated Jo-
seph Capelli comatose, but we
can't trust these charlatans.
From what we have seen, his
mind, body and soul were all put
through the grinder. Nobody
could have survived such an
ordeal unless he was the stron-
gest, most resolute soldier in the

Stop destroying
our heroes.

    Despite having a history of
insubordination and disciplin-
ary troubles, Private Capelli en
listed in the armed forces and he
deserves respect. Does Project
Abraham think that it can throw
these men just because
they're troublemakers?

    We also know that Pvt. Capelli
was involved with a massive
undertaking in the private sec-
tor. First, the military discards
the lives and/or health of en-
listed men and now, they're set-
ting their sights on big business.
We don't know what they have
planned, but it can't be good.

Save our land,
save our soldiers.


It's all happening in your own backyard!

    We are starting to learn more
and more about the atrocities go-
ing in Alaska, but what about
the latest discoveries in Utah?
The Alliance intercepted a tele-
gram from one Fyodor Malikov
- clearly, this foreigner can't be
trusted to work within our con-
tinental United States. Malikov
runs a clandestine lab some-
where underground and even
though we have no information
on their operations, one thing's
for sure: they can't be trusted.

What's going on
in Bryce Canyon?

    Just the mention of another
secret military base should
make every patriotic citizen's
blood run cold. If they are in col-
lusion with the death merchants
of Project Abraham, will they
need fresh meat for their human

authority - stop
the killing!

Not Another Dime[]

Cut Them Off at the Knees - Refuse to Pay Your Taxes!

    If we really want to stand up
against the Grace administra-
tion and its policies of secrecy
and propaganda, then we must
stop paying taxes immediately.
Our hard-earned dollars are
helping to fund a massive cover-
up and, yet, our questions go un-
answered day after day. Why is
our economy still failing? How
much more money can they take
without telling us where it's go-

Where does
it end?

    Americans revolted against
the British because they refused
to hear our voice as an indepen-
dent nation. The forefathers
called it "Taxation without rep-
resentation" - and it's happening
all over again. The government
schemes and spends behind
closed doors while our citizens
continue to struggle. Some fami-
lies can't even put food on the ta-
ble, and yet the fat cats in Wash-
ington keep getting fatter.

suffer for a

    Next tax season, send a mes-
sage to the powers-that-be: we're
cutting you off until our interests
are heard and acknowledged.
No money, no cooperation, no


We Have Entered a New Era of Fear and Lies.

    We at the Alliance have just
learned that the Special Re-
search Projects Administration
(SRPA) is using millions of our
tax dollars to build and maintain
an elaborate system of computer
terminals that relays informa-
tion from one hub to another at
light speed.

They call it
and they are using
it against us.

    What sensitive materials are
on this network? Why can't we
have full access to all of these
government files? What are they
hiding from us? We demand an-
swers and we won't stop fighting
until we get them.
    The terminals of TERMINAL- enables the Grace ad-
ministration and all of his cro-
nies to spread misinformation
like never before. Documents,
pictures, recordings - these are
all catalogued on this new sys-
tem and organized into a neat
web of lies. It's time to kill the

Find the Truth
and Let Us Know.

    If we don't act soon, then all
of our personal correspondence
will be subject to constant sur-
veillance. How else can they
satisfy the insatiable appetite of
their latest high-tech monster? It
won't be long before the govern-
ment is in your home, spying on
your every move just to update
their fancy computer networks.

This is indeed,
a dark day for