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A secret government program is conducting medical experiments on our brave men in uniform.

    The Grace administration
operates in the shadows, like
the rat that it is. And when you
shine a light on it, the ugly truth
comes out. Our government
feeds us lies on a daily basis.
Propaganda, misinformation,
slander - these are the tools of
the Washington establishment.
We shouldn't be surprised when
they lead us down a new path of
deceit, but this one's unforgiv-

Project Abraham is a Death Machine.

    There's a select group of sci-
entists, military operatives and
who-knows-what-else seques-
tered away in a remote corner
of Alaska. Fractured correspon-
dence has filtered out of the
massive northern state and the
Alliance has been vigilant in re-
porting every bit of communiqué
that we are able to intercept. We
received the above photo late
last night.

From what we can surmise,
this woman is shepherding a
group of officers and enlisted
men to their deaths in a top-se-
cret medical experiment con-
ducted by the Special Research
Projects Agency. How any of
these men could submit to being
guinea pigs for an underhanded
organization like SRPA is be-
yond us.

    Now, more than ever, the Alli-
ance is depending on your help.
    We need to speak up and tell
these butchers to stop harm-
ing our soldiers. Who will they
come after next? Your spouse?
Your neighbor? Your kids? Re-
volt now if you want to prevent
a bloodbath of epic proportions.
It's your nation - take it back.

Are you up for the challenge?



    Thanks to the generosity of a
certain west coast group of mili-
tary officials, the Alliance just
gained a wellspring of supplies.
    There's no need to mention
them by name, but this troop
granted us a host of useful ma-
terials straight off the backs of
their trucks.

We appreciate it!

    These weapons and food do-
nations will come in handy as
we continues to protect America
from itself. The armed forces sure
as hell isn't doing anything
to help, so we plan to keep "bor-
rowing" from their vast resourc-
es. We will put our latest bounty
to good use in defending our
land and our way of life.
    Let it be known that the Alli-
ance will stop at nothing to keep
America safe, but our efforts
require a constant influx of sup-

So, keep it coming!


    Thanks to our last recruitment
drive, the Alliance has reached
its highest membership levels to
date. We'll need every single one
of you to continue our efforts in
counter-intelligence, mobiliza-
tion and calls to action.

Keep Growing, Keep Fighting

    Mailmen, factory workers,
firemen - whatever your voca-
tion may be, you are all Alliance
members now. You have the sup-
port of a vast network of like-
minded individuals scattered
from coast to coast.
    As always, we can't discuss
our specific plans in this news-
letter, but we can always express
our allegiance to the ideals on
which we are founded: American
first, America only.


In Memorium: Peter Rassmussen, 1918-1950

    One of the Alliance's founding
members, Professor Peter Rass-
mussen, died last week in the
line of duty. We cannot divulge
the particulars of his passing,
only that he was a brave man un-
til the very end.

His death must not be in vain.

    Prof. Rassmussen understood
what it takes to maintain our lib-
erty. It takes hard work, it takes
dedication and it takes true her-
    We must avenge his memory
and celebrate a fearless revolu-
    There are scant men like
Peter, and he will be sorely
missed by his wife, his two beau-
tiful girls and the lot of us here
at the Alliance for American Au-
tonomy. Friends and well-wish-
ers attended Rassmussen's me-
morial service in droves and had
nothing but sincere, reverent
praise for the life of a remark-
able patriot. "He was one of the
good ones," commented Ryan
Karposki in his heartfelt eulogy.
"Pete loved his family almost as
much as he loved America, and
that's saying a lot."

    To quote a great man:

    "It takes a nation of warriors
to keep the peace."

    That great man was Peter Rass-
mussen. We'll miss you, PR.