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The .303 Storm Rifle is a standard assault rifle that is exclusive in Resistance: Retribution.


The Storm Rifle is the player's starting weapon. Its exactly similar to the M5A2 Folsom Carbine; both using a fifty round magazine and three round grenade launcher, possessing similar calibers (.303), and have similar 40mm grenades.

The weapon's rounds have a noticeably higher velocity than a Razor, but has the disadvantage of reduced accuracy due to an increase in the weapon's spread in comparison. The Razor is also more powerful, which is particularly noticeable when firing at the four power cores on the massive cannon in the "Guns of Rotterdam" mission.


  • The Storm Rifle may have a fifty round magazine, but it's an almost useless weapon in its own right. It still takes an incredible amount of time to kill a group of Hybrids, and amount of damage the player take in contrast to a fully charged Razor blade or grenade in mere seconds. The grenades, however, are extremely useful at weakening enemies like Titans, or killing clusters of Hybrids.
  • The Storm Rifle is very efficacious against enemies such as drones or at scoring headshots against Boilers. Never try to kill assault drones with this weapon however, as the former has a deadly turret which can run through the player's health in seconds. Ammunition for the Storm Rifle is usually plentiful, so this weapon is especially reliable if the player can't find any ammunition pickups for other weapons.


  • The Storm Rifle appears to be James Grayson's weapon of choice, and he remarks in one diary entry that the rifle has saved his life many times, showing his reliance on the weapon.[1]
  • Although the weapon is called a Storm Rifle in the inventory, but when ammunition for the weapon is picked up, the weapon is actually called a Sturmgewehr, which is the German name of the rifle and used most commonly in the game. Sturmgewehr is also a nod to the actual German Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle.
  • It is revealed in one Secrets of the Maquis intel document, that these rifles were recovered from a sunken German supply ship by divers who were looking to replace the weapons shortage during the war against the Chimera. The Storm Rifle used to be an excellent ranged weapon, but water damage had reduced its accuracy and range.[1] James Grayson even noted that, "Back in our glory days, any commander would have had these weapons obliterated as shite".[1]
  • Stephen Cartwright and Rachel Parker use the .303 Storm Rifle even though it is a Maquis issue weapon, and not a weapon of the British Armed Forces. This was most likely done for balancing purposes.